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Grief Coaching Services

Coaching Programs to Unraveling Grief to Embrace Life and Thrive


Individual Grief Coaching

Discover how taking the step to heal through the pain of grief can be both a courageous and empowering process into realizing the blessings grief can offer us!

3-month Grief Coaching beginning process with weekly Zoom sessions and worksheets to support the healing process and begin moving forward in positive steps. **Use above Button for details, pricing and sign-up :)

Unraveling Grief to Thrive Online Course

An online 8-module course offered as a self paced program with weekly Q & A coaching calls via Zoom. Videos and downloadable worksheets and material to support a positive process to healing and transforming grief to move forward with meaning and purpose to thrive. **Use above Button for details, pricing and sign-up :)

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Living Life as Legacy Course

*Pre-requisite "Unraveling Grief to Thrive" Course

- Ask about program details by scheduling a 

30-minutes consultation with Meghan! Go to the Scheduling Calendar Link under CONTACT above :) 

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